Tipping Point Announces their July 2018 camp schedule for kids from 1st - 9th grade.  See details below.
July 2018 Tipping Point SKILLS and 5 on 5 PLAY Camp!!
3rd - 9th Grade Boys
Including our 2nd annual 3 Point NBA style shootout
*Winner will receive NBA jersey and T-Point trophy*
Refine your skills through hard work, repetition, and game play!!
This program is a great way to not only refine your basketball skills with professional level drills, but you also then get to put the skill development in to game play with 45 minute of supervised full court 5 on 5 game play.  All sessions are taught by the professional staff at Tipping Point led by professional trainer Craig Bush.  He will be the head trainer for skill development drills the fist 45 minutes and then will oversee the full court game play.
*On the last day of camp we will have an NBA style 3 point shootout.  Awards will be given out to the top shooter in the camp so bring your A-Game.*
Skill development/camp includes
  • Creating space off the dribble
  • 45 minute shooting clinic
  • Basketball specific speed & agility drills (attack to score)
  • Pivot, Catch & sweep series
  • 3 point practice
  • 45 minutes of 5 on 5 full court game play (Mon. - Thur.)
  • 3 Point NBA shootout and awards (Fri.)
Groups, times, dates
3rd-4th Grade Boys (New group this year)
Dates: July 23rd - 27th
Time: 1:30 - 3:00PM
Price: $149.00 / participant
Includes: clinic T-shirt
Max:  20 players
5th/6th Grade Boys 
Dates: July 23rd - 27th
Time: 3:00 - 4:30PM
Price: $149.00 / participant
Includes: clinic T-shirt
Max:  20 players
7th - 9th Grade Boys 
Dates: July 23rd - 27th
Time: 4:30 - 6:00PM
Price: $149.00 / participant
Includes: clinic T-shirt
Max:  20 players
July 2018 1st-2nd Grade Boys & Girls 5 on 5 Game Play
This week-long camp is a fun camp that will strictly focus on 5 on 5 full court game play. This is not a skill development camp but rather a full-court developmental camp that will teach players how to move properly while playing 5 on 5 full court basketball.
As I continue to watch developmental players play in a 5 on 5 full court setting I continue to see the same patterns coming up that make it difficult for players to play.  Our goal for this camp is to get the players moving up and down the floor and then creatively teach them how to move, and where to go as their playing. The coaches will start and stop the games with specific teaching points.  We will guide and direct players as they move, and we will have designated marked areas on the court, so players know where to go.   - Craig Bush
Camp Teaching Points
  • Moving without the ball
  • Proper spacing
  • Court awareness
  • Basketball IQ 
  • Cutting and replacing
  • Staying with the person you are guarding
  • Sharing the ball
  • Helping your teammates create space by moving to marked areas on the floor
  • Passing and then moving away from your teammate so the floor opens up
1st/2nd Grade Boys & Girls
  • Start Date:  July 23rd- July 27th
  • Time: 10:00 am - 11:15 am
  • Cost: $145.00 / camper
  • 20 Players Max
  • Reversible game jersey given to each player at the start of camp
  • Instructors:  Craig Bush & Antiony Hardin
T-Point Shooting with confidence
9th- 12thGrade Girls Shooting Clinic
Clinic goal: Teach proper shooting form techniques through a variety of creative drills and get maximum repetition each training session.  We will focus on different areas of shooting development and ultimately players will have a variety of practice techniques to take home with them after the clinic is complete.
Day one -  Shooting Pocket, correct hand positioning, straight line shooting techniques, lift point, release point, rotation on the ball, follow through, balance on the shot start to finish
Day two -  foot work, stance, balance, staying straight, learning how to jump and stay on shooting line
Day three - Straight line one two shot foot work drills, catching in the pocket, learning how to control the ball off the catch, learning how to catch under the ball, eyes to the rim, 
Day four - Coming off screens, pivot catch on a one two, catching on a straight line and staying on the line, shooting straight off the pivot plant, 
Day five - Shooting off the dribble, pivoting off the dribble staying straight on a line, Cross-over explosion step - proper footwork, creating space off the dribble to shoot, right hand dribble left right plant footwork, left hand dribble right left plant footwork
Additional teaching points- Shooting off the sweep, ripping through the defender to create space, proper foot work off the rip on a one two plant, catching the ball in the pocket out of a sweep, shooting the ball and not throwing when we increase speed, put everything together game speed, review routine for players to take home and practice
9th-12thGrade Girls
Dates:   July 23rd - 27th
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm 
Price $145.00
Includes: T-Point T-shirt
Max: 16 players
Trainers:  Craig Bush Antiony Hardin
Tipping Point has trained many shooters over the years who have been recognized with tremendous shooting ability including players who have lead the state in 3 pt. %, lead the state in scoring, as well as many of the top scorers in Elkhart County and Northern Indiana 

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Congratulations Gavin Rasler - Click to see Gavin's outstanding accomplishments

NJCAA DIV. II MEN’S BASKETBALL ALL-AMERICA TEAM - Former Tipping Point Basketball 6'5" standout Gavin Rasler selected 3rd Team All-America honors - 20th in the Country for scoring

Adidas Hoosier Classic NCAA Certified Gold Division Champions July 22nd-24th with a 4-1 record. Jacob Burish, Denzel Haliburton, Brandon Emerick, Nathan Stutzman, Luke Morrison, Joe Smith, and head coach Troy Baughman. Awesome Job Tipping Point Elite!


2017-2018 T-Point Youth Development Winter/Spring 5 on 5 basketball league1st-5th Girls & Boys

T-Point Boys & Girls K-5th Youth Development Basketball League. A true developmental basketball league that provides basketball training, 5 on 5 full-court equal game time, and drop-in guest speakers from our areas top coaches, athletes, and trainers.

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Tipping Point Basketball All-Stars

Congratulations 2016-2017 All-NLC selections

Luke Zurcher - Northwood

Luke Morrison - Northridge

Brandon Emerick - Concord

Joe Smith - Elkhart Memorial

Honorable Mention

Hank Smith - Elkhart Memorial

Denzel Halliburton - Concord

Jacob Burish - Warsaw

Congratulations 2016-2017 Mc Donalds All-Star selections

Luke Morrison - Northridge - 14 pts

Nathan Stuzman - Clinton Christian - 17 pts

Luke Zurcher - Northwood - 20 pts

Tipping Point Basketball training is much much more than just learning how to put the basketball in the hoop.  Our basketball program is a progression based player development program, taught by professional trainers who not only mentor; but work tirelessly to instill mental and physical confidence into each and every athlete we work with.  Seeking professional level basketball training?....Call us today! 

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