We are looking forward to another tremendous year of youth development basketball.   

T-Point Youth Development 
 5 v 5 Basketball League
A true developmental basketball league that provides basketball training and 5 on 5 full-court equal game time.
 Boys & Girls - Grades 1st-5th grade
Michiana, we are thrilled to offer our local communities a new and exciting youth development basketball program unlike any basketball program in the area for beginner level player's ages 1st-5th grade.
You asked for it so we are providing it
This is not your typical local basketball league or an AAU travel team.  So many families have said that they are looking for a program that is the next step, a program that is fun and doesn't require a lot of travel but more importantly; a basketball program that teaches their kid's the fundamentals of basketball by qualified instructors and the opportunity to play 5 on 5 basketball.  T-Point Youth Basketball Development focuses on the essential fundamentals of basketball by providing each team 1st-5th a highly organized weekly practice plan that will produce guaranteed results!    
What makes us different 
Highly organized practices with Professional basketball skill development.  The first 6 weeks of the program are dedicated to skill development.  Each practice will focus on a 40 minute training regimen that will differ each week and then the last 20 minutes we take the skills we have been taught and scrimmage for 20 minutes.  After our team of trainers develop the players then we move into a 6 week 5 on 5 equal playing time basketball league with running clock and referees.
How the program works 
The Elkhart Sports Center & Tipping Point Basketball will be kicking this program off with a pre-launch 6 week program that will start November, 4th.  All players will get 3 weeks of basketball training and participate in a 3 week 5 on 5 mini basketball league.  After Session I is completed, we will take 2 weeks off and continue with Session II ~ an exciting  12 week T-Point youth development basketball league.
  • Teams and divisions will be sorted by age group
  • 1st and 2nd grade will be co-ed ~ 3rd through 5th grade will be separate leagues for girls and boys
  • Sign up as an individual and T-point staff will make teams
  • Tipping Point basketball reversible jersey
  • Professional basketball skill development by Tipping Point professional coaching staff
  • Program runs on Saturday mornings
  • 5 on 5 full court equal game time
  • Referee/Running clock
  • Consistent weekly practices 
  • Elkhart Sports Center Top notch facility with hardwood floors
  • 1st grade co-ed
  • 2nd grade co-ed
  • 3rd grade boys and girls
  • 4th grade boys and girls
  • 5th grade boys and girls  *new division*
Session I Pre-Launch Schedule
T-Point Youth Development Basketball League 6 weeks
Cost: $100 / player plus $15 jersey fee (jersey fee due at registration)
Pay in full for both Session I and Session II by November 4th, only pay $285
Saturday, November 4th - week one - Skill development training
Saturday, November 11th - week two - Skill development training
Saturday, November 18th - week three - Skill development training
Saturday, November 25th - OFF Thanksgiving break
Saturday, December 2nd - week four -   League play
Saturday, December 9th - week five - League play
Saturday, December 16th - week six -  League play
Saturday, December 24th - OFF Christmas break
Saturday, December 31st - OFF New Year's Eve
Session II Schedule 
T-Point Youth Development Basketball League 12 weeks  *new format*
Cost: $200 / player plus $15 jersey fee (jersey fee due at registration)
*pictures optional for an additional fee
Saturday, January 6th -   Week one - Skill development training
Saturday, January 13th - Week two - Skill development training
Saturday, January 20th -  Week three - Skill development training
Saturday, January 27th -  Week four - League Play
Saturday, February 3rd -  Week five - League Play
Saturday, February 10th - Week six - League Play
Saturday, February 17th - Week seven - Skill development training
Saturday, February 24th - Week eight - Skill development training
Saturday, March 3rd - Week nine - Skill development training
Saturday, March 10th - Week ten - League play
Saturday, March 17th - Week eleven - League play
Saturday, March 24th - Week twelve - League play - Awards
*Note* All practices and games will be scheduled at the Elkhart Sports Center

If you are wondering why train

We can't say it enough, to be a great basketball player an athlete has to have great footwork & balance with a keen sense of  where to place their body to not only create space but to get the shot off or make the pass without having to make a lot of adjustments.  Shooting form is easy and can be corrected with simple adjustments and repetition.  An athletes shooting form is the last step in the equation to scoring points.  So in other words, you can have the best shooting form in the Country but if you can't create space, beat your defender to the spot, control your catch, set your feet with athletic balance to explode into your shot than you will be just an average shooter with great form.  Coaches all accross the Country don't have enough time in practices to get the necessary repetiton in to master these techniques.  This is where we step in and that is why the Academy experience is essential  to athletic development.  Our services are designed to enhance middle school, high school, and college basketball programs for the benefit of the players, schools, and coaching staffs. Tipping point trainers  have a clear understanding of their role in helping players athletically/fundamentally and are not trying to replace their coaches. Tipping Point trainers want nothing more than their student athletes to be fully prepared for their coaches and the programs they are representing.  Coaches please let us know how we can partner up with you to offer our services to your teams.  We will sit down with you and come up with a comprehensive game plan to help your players get the necessary reps in the off-season as you prep for your upcoming season.   - Craig Bush

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