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Tipping Point Basketball offers you the opportunity to increase your skill level and knowledge of the sport year round. Don't worry if you don't have experience, all levels of ability are welcome... Professional basketball trainer Craig Bush has spent the last 15 years training well over thousands of basketball players and through his experience has developed the TPoint training system that equips athletes to take their game to the next level. From beginner level players to professional athletes, high intensity reps taught the right way in a controlled safe environment not only teaches discipline and accountability, it put's the athletes in an environmet where they are not afraid of failure.  Whether you come in 1 time or 50 times over, you will walk out those doors a more confident player!  Craig has the experience & knowledge you are looking for, you will not be treated as just another number.  

Tipping Point Basketball Training Philosophy

Today's generation of athletes have all of the resources at hand to equip them to become as good as they want to become.  Our passsion is teaching and implementing that hard work will pay off and that nothing in life is just handed to you.  Yes, you will hit road blocks through the journey and will be faced with the decision to keep pushing or quit...  We want our players to learn a work ethic that is bar none and to teach athletes through the sport of basketball that if you take ownership of your abilites meaning your time on the court and don't squander it, you are moving towards a path of success.  Junior Varsity players should never feel less than varsity players or a sense of failure because of where they are at the time rather; a gratitude for being placed on a team.  These temporary challenges should push the athlete to work that much harder to acheive their goals.  The Tipping Point philosophy is to be brutally honest- not always tell you what you want to hear so that the athlete will always stay on course and know what they need to work on to take their game to the next level! - Craig Bush

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Highlights -


Featured in the Tennessean, Tennessee's largest publication as creating a first of it's kind basketball Academy in the Greater Nashville area.  Basketball training goes One-on-One was the headline.


Created a cutting edge first of a kind elite training concept for a National Speed & agility chain that was launched nationwide for all sports including basketball, volleyball, and football - combining speed/strength & skill sets into one training environment to get the ultimate training experience. 


Was selected to interview with the most prestigious Basketball Academy in the United States IMG Training located in Bradenton Florida. 


Has trained top scorers and FG% shooters in the state of Indiana  

After 15 years of training athletes professionally and analyzing thousands upon thousands of basketball shots, elite shooting instructor/skills trainer Craig Bush is pursuing to be the best in the industry and revolutionize the art of basketball training.

With impacting lives at the core of his value system, Craig aims to encourage athletes both on and off the court. “Time and time again I see the same two basic needs surfacing,” says Craig. “These kids want someone to believe in them and push them to do their very best. And when that happens, the confidence they gain is off the charts!” Comments Craig.

Craig’s uncanny ability to quickly break down and identify problem areas in an athlete’s shot is bar none. Whether it’s the player who just wants to make their school basketball team, the one who needs more confidence in their shooting, or the athlete aspiring to play college basketball and beyond, they’ve all seen the difference Craig’s TPoint shooting system makes.

In fact, Craig’s shooting system got tested in a big way when 6’ 11” NBA pro athlete Larry Turner was drafted to the L.A. Lakers in 2007 coming out of Tennessee State. “Larry’s agent called me and said, ‘He’s got the best big man body in college basketball but he needs help with his shot,’” recalls Craig. “Larry and I spent 3 months everyday on the court developing his shooting pocket and overall confidence to spot up and shoot 3’s.”

With widespread success stories, parents can also attest to the dedication and skill level Craig brings to the basketball court.

One of Craig’s most recent student athletes, Michiana standout Austin Torres, will play for the University of Notre Dame on a full ride scholarship. “Craig has really improved my shot. Not only has he improved the form, but he was able to help me shoot the ball much quicker off the dribble and coming off screens,” says Austin. “He dedicates himself to getting the right form, not necessarily if it goes in or not. He focuses on consistency. The elite shooting instruction was a great workout and it helped me really get in shape and know what kind of shot I needed to develop to play at the Division I level.”

Austin’s grandfather, Bernie Gorsky adds, “Craig asked me, ‘Do you believe in him?’ I said, ‘Yes I do, I believe Austin has great potential that needs to be developed.’ Craig said, ‘If you believe in him, I believe in him and I’m willing to explore his abilities because I think Austin could be a Division I basketball player in college.’ That was the confidence he needed and the beginning of a success story with Austin achieving his dream of playing college basketball at the University of Notre Dame on a full ride scholarship.”

Craig’s lifelong passion for basketball has included a college-playing career at NCAA University of West Florida as an athletic 6'6" power forward with a memorable 36" vertical leap as well as an overseas Team USA tour to Australia where he represented the United States professionally right out of high school.  Craig is a former Indiana East all-star, All-state candidiate, 1st team both All-area, and NLC conference selection and was recognized as a Dave Krieders high school All-American. Craig holds a bachelor’s degree in Sports Business Management from University of West Florida. Craig's first year and only year of coaching saw him lead Nashville's Montgomery Bell Academy 7th grade team to a 20-1 winning record & conference title.  He realized after that success and the confidence that was gained in his players from hard-work and fundamentals training, he would dedicate himself full-time to player development and has never looked back.  An Indiana native and former Northern Lakes Conference player - Northwood High School grad. Craig and his wife Leanne and two sons Luke (14) and Alec (8) relocated to Michiana from Tennessee in 2010.


"Hard work, dedication, and focus combined with a willingness to learn will not only take your game to another level it will prepare you for the game of life!  I will not always tell you what you want to hear but I can promise you that I won't let you fail!" -  Coach Bush



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